Jimmy D. Lane

Site updated  July 12 2021..(Check Tour Schedule, Photos and Videos)

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Jimmy D. Lane is now accepting and booking
July 2021- Forward, concert dates!!!
See you at the shows!!!

"Jimmy D. Lane is an incredible guitarist"...Eric Clapton 1996

"Superhuman! Only the most masterful guitar players can command their instruments this way, and all the practice in the world can't develop it. Jimmy D. Lane is a natural-born guitar monster"

....Bob Margolin (Guitarist in the Muddy Waters Band for seven years)

Jimmy D. Lane

  "Official 2021 Website"

 All audible music on this site is written by ,copy-written and published by Jimmy D. Lane through SEBAL Music Publishing/ASCAP with the exceptions of  "White Room" written by Pete Brown and Jack Bruce and "Killin' Floor" written by Chester Burnett

...both performed by Jimmy D. Lane and Blue Earth Live in The Czech Republic

Jimmy D. Lane - Vocal and Guitar

Shawn Kail - Bass

Keith McGee - Drums

Killing Floor Live In Czech Republic.mp3

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